Friday, April 1, 2011

First time :)

My name is Brittany LaManna, and my husband is Paul LaManna, we are the HAPPIEST couple on the earth :) And we are also the STRONGEST! And my new blog will help explain why ;)

So, This is my first time doing this! Not really sure what I am supposed to be doing, exactly, but the purpose of this blog is to inform you all of the things that military wives do. The hurts that come along with being a military wife, as well as the moments when you get the butterflies. Whenever one of us gets upset about a schedule change or our husbands having to leave to go to training, or a late night at work, or a deployment.. we hear "Well, thats what you signed up for when you married into the military."

Well I am here to inform you that, from the words of another sister marine wife(Tara).. "YOU CAN SAY THAT ABOUT ANY JOB, PROFESSION OR OCCUPATION." If people were upset about student loans.. someone would say .. "You knew that when you took out the student loans for school." or if someone was upset about having to deal with annoying kids all day,"Thats what you get for being a teacher."

We all control our lives and there are things that may upset us about everyday life but being upset if just a natural thing.. People get upset all the time over things, and since I am starting this blog, you will see what it is like to be a Marine Wife, through the words of myself, and my closest friends here in Hawaii as well as the supportive people back at home(Delaware).

So, I will start off by telling you that my husband, Paul (who I will speak of A LOT), was scheduled for training until March 26, and was going to be home with me for a little over a month, which was GREAT.. because we havent ever spent that much time together at once. Well I got a call around March 10 saying that he was deploying a month early.. Naturally I am going to be devistated because all I had is a month with him before he goes to the MOST DANGEROUS place in the world at the moment, and that time got cut down to two weeks.. and I recieved so many responses from people saying, "You should've known", or "thats what you get for marrying a marine", or "You knew this was coming." I can not tell you how irritating that is to a military wife.. there were only a FEW people that understood where I was coming from, which was Pauls mom (Terry) my best friend (Ann-Marie), my neighbor (Tara) and a sister wife & very GREAT friend (Cat). Cats husband is on the same schedule my husband is on, so she knew what I was going through, and we are going to stick together through ALL of this! These are the people that I am going to rely on for the next 7 months.. My Military SISTERS <3 If anyone in this world has the right to feel alone it is a military wife.. thousands of miles away from your family and closest friends, and sacrificing all of that for the man you LOVE, who is protecting our freedom. So before you judge, remember... being a MARINE WIFE is by far, the TOUGHEST job in the Corps.

This will basically be my military WIFE diary :) I would LOVE your feedback, and any comments you might have- as long as they are respectful.



  1. Just a friendly reminder.. I can't post specific dates or locations due to OPSEC :)

  2. Brittany you and Paul are such a cute couple you two always look happy together. I pray you guys are always happy I know the next 7 months are going to be hard. you are a strong woman and with all the love you two have for each other i pray the 7 months fly by,also know no matter wat time it is u can call me day or night im here... love ya stay terry

  3. Eventhough I dont really know you.... This was very touching and soo true what people say when us wives are upset bout something to do with the marine corps... I give u so much respect for your husband deploying and just keep yourself busy so time flies! god bless you both and stay strong! Im here if you ever need to talk :)

    <3 ur marine sista... Lol (had to from ur blog :))

  4. Thank you :) I will keeep posting as much as I can.. especially when paul leaves. I am glad you liked my first post :) feel free to send out my blog to any other military wives you may know! My blog is strictly for our support and to let people know how tough but rewarding our job is..

    <3 ur marine sista ;) LOL

  5. I know exactly how you feel! I am also a 1/12 wife, and the schedule is always changing. In the time I have been here (1 year) they told my husband that he was going to deploy 3 different times and changed it each time. Finally this January they said April...oh but wait ur deloying with 1/12 out of Japan so you have to go to Japan for 2 months, crapstan for 7 months, back to Japan for a 1 month then home to Hawaii. 3 days before he left the earthquake/tsunami hit. All the wives in my husbands shop left for home and I am all by myself. Today I got a nasty letter about how I am a bad person for supporting my military hubby and my husband is killing people and will go to hell from a co-worker from back home. In the 2 years we have been a Marine family I have heard "You signed up for this. You knew it was coming." about 7 billon times, including from my own family and friends! So no matter what keep your head up high and don't listen to the negativity, because there will always be people out there who want to push you down. Only a Marine wife knows how it really feels to watch ur husband leave for countless deployments, training trips(PTA) or just anything else the world wants to throw your way! WE WIVES STICK TOGETHER! Good Luck with your blog! I have a blog too, its more crafty but most of my crafts are! So if you ever need to talk, let me know!


  6. yes. I def know :) friend me on facebook!
    and dont worry, i have headr it 7 billion times from my own family as well!It sucks! but you are right we need to stick together and marine wives!! and same to you- if you need to talk or vent or complain about how much you hate the military.. im with yah ;)

    OORAH ;)

  7. Brittany, I would never say those things to you im very proud of you i know im not a Marine wife but i know its hard my son is a marine and my other son is going in the Army and i miss them both I also miss seeing you and Paul, Frankie.
    i hate that are troops have to pay to fly home they put them so far from their Families its not fair, Im greatful that Paul has you as his wife you are aWONDERFUL and Brave woman, keep up the good work stay strong love ya TERRI

  8. Brittany, I love the blog! :) I have been keeping a diary myself that I have been considering turning into a "first year of married life/marine wife" blog too! LOL. Maybe instead I can be a guest contributor to yours? LOVE IT KEEP EM COMING!