Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spending Time

So most of you all know, Paul will be leaving in couple of weeks to go to Afghanistan :'( So we have been spending EVERY second of our time together. One amazing thing about being married to a Marine is that it never gets old. Usually when couples spend every second with each other, they get annoyed very easily. Its only naturally for couples to argue, but I have got to say the past few days have been absolutely AMAZING!

For those of you who dont know... Paul and I went to middle school together... We never spoke throughout high school, or part of college, until one day I got a facebook message. We started talking over facebook messaging (Septemeber 2010).. Then we started skyping, because obviously he was in Hawaii and I was in Delaware (October, 2010). Paul asked me to come visit him in Hawaii.. and I did, in Novemeber.. 2 days after seeing him for the first time physically, he PROPOSED :):):):) and of course I accepted! Then sadly the week and a half I was here, went by WAY too fast, and we decided we couldnt be apart. We got married December 28 2010, and I moved out here to be with the man of my dreams!

Now to get to my point... Our time with each other is obviously very important to us because we dont get a lot of it...

The most amazing thing about being a Marine Wife is that everytime you see your husband... You fall in LOVE over and over again.. and it never gets old.. the days and nights alone, make that one day completely perfect, and the few days that you get before he leaves again... you have no choice but to make them count.

HAHA ;) thought you guys might like that one! His cammies & my dress... uhhh ohh :) lol. JK!! we had to get changed really fast after our photo shoot, and we thought it would be funny!

But anyways.. my point being.. spend as much time as possible.. make it count.. and look forward to the homecoming :)

The past few days, we have done so much together. We saw movies, went FISHING!!, we relaxed, and heck yeah- we kick some ass on Call of Duty ;) (gotta make sure your doing things he likes to do too), we got a photoshoot, and we cooked dinner together! Oh, and today.. Our inner child came out, and we went crazy at the waterpark! I am so excited, we are going camping Monday thru Thursday... On the beach, so that means nothing but surf fishing and some quality time with my Marine before he leaves.

Ladies, Make your time count.. Cherish EVERY second. Love like crazy... Being a marine wife is a tough job.. but also the most rewarding job on earth.



  1. New follower from the Military Monday Blog Hop! Love ur blog! My hubs is fixing to go to Afghanistan as well! He has already left for training!

  2. I'm a new follower from the Military Monday Blog Hop! My hubby is getting ready to go to Afghanistan as well. I hope you get a chance to stop by my page which happens to be Confessions of a Marine Wife!!

  3. I totally agree about making time count. Best of luck during the deployment. Keep smiling.

    I'm a new follower and fellow mil spouse from the Military Monday blog hop. Nice to meet you! Hope you can stop by and say hi. :)

    Wife on the Roller Coaster

  4. Thanks Ladies, I appreciate the support :) and I follow your blogs now as well!